Our main objective is to give a global advice service












The main objective is to give a global advice service to owners that want to market their properties as well as to clients that look for vacant office areas to install their headquarters, develop their expansion plans or to carry out their industrial or personal activity. Specifically the services we offer for each type of asset are the following:

Search of headquarters to companies
To give advice to owners for the leasing or sale of their properties

Marketing of street premises for sale or to be let and transfer
Users representation
Advice on projects of Investment/Sale of commercial real estate assets

Let or sale of industrial properties
Identification and selection of locations
Advice to property developers in the carrying out of new indsutrial areas, logistic parks of industrial building at a local or national level

Home marketing for let and sale at:
• Second hand
• New Construction
• Social Housing
Advice on projects of Investment/Sale of commercial real estate assets
We assist developers in developing local and national new residential projects

Repositioning and business improvement
Consulting for merchandising
Implementation, negotiation and contract renewal
Review of rents

Corporate Consulting
Due Diligences
Optimization of real estate assets

Location of the land in consolidated areas as developing
Legal analysis and development of urban land
Advice on projects to be developed for obtaining the máximum possible
Negotiating and close of the sale or acquisition

Corporate Consulting
Due Diligences
Optimization of real estate assets

Drawing up a Business Plan that includes realistic and achievable cash flows (including the necessary Capex and incentives), a new plan (market study) to adapt the comercial mix to the demand of the Catchment area. To achieve a strong repositioning of the assets to make them attractive.
Also identify the needs of real estate assets to propose the necessary refurbishments to update the image of the building making it more attractive for both tenants and customers. CAPEX.
Represent the property before the property managers, the leasing agent and the on site management to ensure a proper implementation of the Business Plan.

Billing and collection of rents, services charges and other assimilated amounts
Active management of recoveries to maintain very low levels of arrears, establishing payment plans and creative solutions
Control of the expiration of the contracts and subsequent negotiations with tenants. Renovations and posible revisions of rent and/or discounts
Follow-up to the anual Service Charge Budget. Analysis and, when needed, revisión of the distribution of Service Charges to make it more reasonable
Management of the legal guarantees, extra guarantees and bank guarantees. Exhaustive control of Bank guarantees dead lines in order to get prior renewing and/or if necessary its execution
Receiving and processing of sales figures, not only for the posible billing of Turn Over Rent, but also as one of the most powerful tolos for the management of the center

We understand that the letting must respond and be tied closely to the Business Plan of the property. Letting must not be to replace a tenant by another one, but to follow a letting strategy that is appropriate to the type of customers in relation with the asset and economical environment of its Catchment area
We will recommend a qualitative and quantitative market research prior to the development of a business plan to define the most appropriate mix
In the Shopping centers we will look for a balance between entertainment and retail. We will focus in achieving an attractive comercial offer that will help to promote the buying experience. We should try to combine “experience and convenience”
Due to our extensive experience in the sector we have an excellent relationship with the main comercial traders both international and national
Likewise we have made available to our customers our network of business consultants to manage the demand that is currently active in the market of offices and shopping centers

Management is the key to success and for us the on site management is a fundamental pillar of the shopping centers. The center should always present its best face because by doing so, it will be more attractive to customers and will facilitate the Leasing Activity
Our philosophy will consist in the incorporation of a management team that is very actively involved, achieving máximum efficiency in all services (cleaning, maintenance, security, information, etc.) at the lowest posible cost
In addition, special mention should be made to the Marketing Plan, animations, promotions and communication. In a very coordinated way with the department of Asset and Property Management will develop a marketing plan in accordance with the current times
Our goal at all times will been hancing the SHOPPING EXPERIENCE adapting it to the typology of Center and its surroundings
The E-commerce is not an enemy but an ally that will be incorporated to the ShoppingCenters because it will bring big benefits in terms of logistics, convenience. We are strong believers in the CROSS CHANNELING (multichanneling)

We will identify those products that are tailored to the needs and profile of the investor, advising in the negotiation for acquisition
We will do a thorough analysis of the asset and its possibilities from a comercial and financial point of view
We will include an analysis of the Catchment Area, competition, comercial mix, rental analysis (ERVS), accuracy of the Service Charge budget, analysis of turnover and effort rates, needs of capex, vacancy, etc.
We will advise and coordinate the entire process of the commercial, legal and technical due diligence
We will develop the business plan that facilitates the creation of added value and that includes all areas as financial performance, business, technical and management. (Proposal of Asset Management)
We will define a divestment strategy and advise throughout the selling process
We will select potential investors, preparing a dossier for the sale and we will advise and/or will represent the proprietor in the negotiation for the sale of the asset

The main objective is to offer a comprehensive consultancy aimed at obtaining the best value, to institutional investors, private equity, and planning individualized strategies for each type of customer.

Advice in the purchase of properties
Processes of “Due Diligence”
Marketing strategies and marketing plans

Management of real estate assets
Search for funding to their measure
Development of strategies to their measure

Analysis and valuation of the assets of non-real estate companies
We optimize real estate costs
Preparation of annual business plans

The main objective is to give a real valuation according to the market to any real estate product in a concrete moment of the market.
Analysis of the valuation of the property and of the real estate assets
Specific assessments of the properties
Viabilities studies
Verification of the value (Due Diligence)

The objective is to make socioeconomic analysis and also offer analysis (direct competence) usually made according to the real estate use in a concrete geographic area.
Situation studies: Market study of a real estate use at a national level in a concrete geographic area
Specific studies: Market study of the influence area of one particular property
Offer analysis

The final objective is to maximize the benefit and the optimization of the available resources.
Search of financing and of institutional and private partners
Obtaining financing for real estate deals